Dj Drobot — artist and co-founder of the music brand Basanta
Big idea inspires me. The desire to change approaches, processes, and established things. And the team and I will definitely make our contribution to the transformation of electronic music. I am charged by seeing the burning eyes of "my" people. Most importantly, I found them. We look one way and fly.

I myself play in the musical directions Melodic House / Techno, Soul House, perform and exchange vibes with the audience.
KMC is an opportunity to share your inspiration with the world
Some release 40 selections a year, some even more. However, I think KMC playlist is unique, different from others. He has a completely different concept.

Several years ago I was inspired by my DJ friends. And I started my journey into the world of electronic music by creating a playlist in Apple Music. I named it Kharkiv Music Channel. Even then, I felt global.
Music unites. And the KMC is proof of this.
Today there are 175 tracks, which is almost 19 hours of music. Tracks that are shared with me by my friends, relatives, subscribers or people I don’t even know personally. I can feel the incredible vibe they are creating. Because each track is someone’s story, some kind of life situation that resonates in the soul.

KMC is like a ray of light of electronic music, the hope that electronic music in our country will reach the correct status in terms of legislation, recognition by society, recognition and protection of artists, support from the state. We fill the KMC with deep meaning and I am sure that everyone will find a part of themselves in it.
Parties, performances in front of an audience — this is a special thrill, a special vibe, an exchange of energies. Literally 3 months after starting DJing, I played my first set.
Korobok Fest
Korobok is about music, ecology, unification and love. It's about a collaboration between nature and music. This is about guys who will come from all over the country to present their music communities on 4 stages at once.
Party where you are
This is a party for everyone. Mixes of styles, people, locations and emotions. It's not just to rush in and leave your soul on the bar, it's about the atmosphere of music, drive and versatility
The Garden
A large-scale event organized by Basanta Music. Locations that always surprise, high-quality sound, top artists and headliners. This is about a community of people united by music.

Pavlovka Place
Event, which thundered all over Kharkov and opened the Sharovsky palace in a new way. Atmospheric location, sunset and musical vibe. Once there were balls and receptions organized here, then the place fell silent. But dozens of years later, Pavlovka Place gave it a voice again.