I've always been interested in music
When I spoke in front of an audience several times, I caught myself thinking that from childhood I wanted to go on stage. I pulled it out of my memory. It was deep enough and long ago. Since childhood, I have been inspired by music. I imagined myself in the place of the artists I listen to. How they stand on stage in front of a huge audience and enjoy the performance.
But I clearly realized that I was not going to build a career as an artist. I had completely different plans for life.
It so often happens that we suppress these desires in ourselves. And their implementation may come in 30, 50 years. But it is important that she comes and you give it freedom.
I tried to realize myself in different musical directions
I took piano lessons, I even liked it. But I realized that in order to perform and share creativity, I need to work hard for several years. And it will only be one piece. The amount of time invested and the result did not suit me for sure. I did vocals, played flute and guitar.

And then I discovered the world of electronic music. I became interested in this as a DJ. It turned out that everyone can be a DJ. Literally a month after the first lesson, I have already performed and now I perform quite regularly. I understand that this is a dream that I had as a child. This is how my story with music began. The story that I will write next and share this vibe with you.